50s Glamour Makeup

There’s nothing that speaks of glamour more than the 50’s. Flawless, sculpted faces were a craze during this decade. Salons have been a place for glamorous women and it had never been more famous for women flock to them to achieve that soft, feminine look.

Pale skin was back. While in 1940s powder was the only thing available or affordable, in this decade there were foundation bases used to create a white canvas. Makeups are in bright pastel hues. Pale pinks, greens, blues and peaches are common favorites.

To make their lips look more voluptuous, lip liner were applied beyond the border of their mouth. Pink and reds are common colors for lipstick. It’s usually combined orange or purple. It was at this time when Hazel Bishop introduced the first long lasting lipstick. The product was such a hit Hazel was able to build the Hazel Bishop Inc. the next year.

Eyeshadows were not commonly used. But mascaras were a favorite. An eyeliner was applied on the upper lash and to open the eye it’s swept out in an arch. Eyebrows were usually narrowed. Sometimes women used blush for a touch-up over the brows at night.


Look at this glamorous 50′s stars with their 50′s looks


50′s makeup. A white foundation with pink blush, thick eyeliner, heavy eyelashes and rosy lips

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