How to create the fake blood for that perfect zombie get-up

zombie-makeup25-most-scariest-zombie-makeup-attempts-of-all-time-that-will-give-6h16mggfBlood is a great accessory, one you should wear when you want to be gross and scary. Imagine a vampire, zombie or a werewolf without blood. Okay they are still scary. But they would look freakishly realistic if they have blood all over them. So how do you make a fake blood? Here are some ways. Continue reading


How to create that scary zombie look

Want that perfect zombie look? Here’s how you can achieve it.

Create that zombie face


Sunken face that’s all wrinkled or bruised up. There’re a lot of scars. That’s the best definition of a zombie face. Focus on the dark areas on your face. Darken your eyes by applying dark makeup such black or darker gray. Create wounds and bruises. The best way to do this is through using latex and a tissue paper. Apply the latex on your face and put the tissue paper over it. Then tear the tissue paper in irregular pattern. Fill it up with blackish red makeup or purple to make it look like a real wound. Put a powder on or apply a white cream makeup evenly to make your face look pale and dead. Then add grayish green paint the darken areas of your face.

Mess up your hair5408130137_f4ab59cbc3_z

A perfectly dishevelled hair makes you look like you just got up from your grave, perfect for a zombie look. Back-comb your hair to your roots or if hairspray it then rub or comb it in the opposite direction. A messy updo bun or a loose pony tail or braid would look good. If your hair is long you could just let it loose. Then apply a little bit of baby powder onto your hair to capture that zombie ashen hair.

Complete that overall zombie look670px-Zombie!-7

Try to be as gross and as ghastly as possible. The wounds and bruises on your face would look more realistic with a touch of fake blood on it. Pour on some of it onto your hair and allow it to dribble down your face onto your arms to your hands. If you want you could pick a handful of it and put it onto your mouth for a nice mouth smear. This could be fun if you’re not so opposed to feeling a bit sticky. The more appalling and horrendous the look is, the better.

And there you have it. Now you know how to achieve that perfect, scariest look for the Halloween. You could wear it anytime, anywhere as long as it’s not on any formal occasion. Go now and ZOMBIEFY yourself.629px-Melbourne-Zombie-Shuffle-111


Donning a zombie look with the help of latex and tissue paper

Zombies are so popular. A zombie look is probably the scariest and the grossest Halloween look there is. Yet we love it so mush. From the ‘Dawn of the Dead’ to the famous series ‘Walking Dead’, there’s just something interesting about a zombie. Well, if you want to look like one either for just a stroll on the street or for costume party, you could with just some latex and tissue papers. Continue reading

How to become a makeup artist

There’s no exact way into becoming a makeup artist. Like in any other career each of us has our own path into reaching it. But one thing’s for sure, a makeup artist isn’t created overnight. It takes time, training and opportunities to gain the necessary knowledge and skills.

We all know that a good training paves your way to success. While a certificate isn’t exactly needed in this career, it could, however, add to your reputation, making it easier for you to gain clients. So it would be good to attend special courses that teach you what the best way to use makeup is. It would be best if there are professional makeup artists as a teacher for you to gain first-hand knowledge on current techniques and makeup styles.

There are cheaper ways to gain knowledge. Observe different faces on movies, TV shows and magazines and see what makeup and style was used. Try copying the techniques of your favorite makeup artists and learn the ways they use makeup to beautify a face and to express an emotion. Start doing makeup on your own face and on others. This way you could develop your own style.

Gain more experience by offering your services on salons or working as an assistant for makeup designers. Makeup designers who usually offer their services for fashion designers and photographers could provide you good direction on the best way to use makeup. Try offering your skill in theater, film and magazines where working condition is limited and small. It develops your flexibility and creativity.

Next, develop your own portfolio. It’s a great way to showcase your skills as an artist. Your portfolio should catch future clients’ attention that it should showcase the best of your work. Hiring a professional photographer to take pictures of your work is quite expensive. So try hiring one that’s also building his career as a photographer. The best thing about it is it’s usually for free. At the same time you’ll get to develop your social skills and build your network.

Tips on becoming a makeup artist

You want to become a makeup artist. The first thing that comes to mind is how would you become a makeup artist. What do you need to be the best in this career? Here are some tips which you could try to become a makeup artist.

First you need to have training. Educate yourself on the proper ways and techniques in putting makeup. You could go to conglomerate schools which offer courses on makeup. However, this is quite expensive. And for those who couldn’t afford, I suggest you do your own training. It’s easy but it requires a bit more effort.

Try to study different faces.  On TVs and magazines observe what type of makeup would look good on different shapes, skin tones and ages. Find inspiration from blogs which talks about makeup and the best way to use it and reviews different brands. Learn from Youtube channels which does tutorial on makeup. These are the cheapest ways to gain knowledge on techniques and practical aspects in putting a makeup. Then apply what you have learned.

Practice through putting makeup on your own face and develop your own technique. Once you have enough confidence, you could now offer your services to others. Most of the times, it’s for low wages or for free. But what matters is you obtain the necessary experience and build your customer base which could aid you into going a long way.

The best way to gain experience is to offer your assistance to professional makeup artists. This way you get to observe their technique and incorporate it into yours. Working on small makeup salons allows you to observe proper work ethic and teaches you to be flexible and innovative. It ‘s a great way to build your character and reputation as a makeup artist.

What you need to become a makeup artists

There’re three things you need to become a makeup artists. These are training, experience and passion.


This is optional. But you could go to a conglomerate school which offers makeup classes. It could aid you to gain basic knowledge and skills necessary for this career. It would be best if that school has a professional makeup artist as a teacher. This would ensure you acquire first hand know-how about current makeup techniques. Attending these classes could provide you with certification making it easier for you to get clients.

Of course there are other grounds for training. There’re a lot of sites in the net that provides tutorials on makeup. Search for Youtube channels or blogs that teaches how to put makeup. Still, there’s no better training than practicing on your own. By doing makeup on as many faces provides you a venue to learn what makeup is best on different skin tons and shapes and to figure out your own technique.


Looking for experience isn’t hard but it requires effort. You could provide your services. But only few makeup artists could earn money by doing this not until they develop their own reputation. However, this could lead to your introduction as a makeup artists and gain customer base.  Working as an assistant to a professional makeup artist is one great way to improve your skills. By observing your senior you learn good working habits and the techniques used in makeup. As a beginner you might find yourself working in small spaces and uncomfortable conditions which would will you to be more flexible and creative.


Passion is what would keep you going. This motivates you to continue improving your skills. Becoming a makeup artist, like any other careers, involves hardwork. At the start of your career, you mostly offer your services for a low price or most of the time free. But if you truly desire to become an artist, you’d look past through the money and always try to be the best that you can be.


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